Do you think your business is special?

The first question I always ask my clients, even before starting to talk about digital image, social media and content strategy is: Who are you? What are the characteristics of your business?

Many strategies start by analyzing the figure of the client, which is very important because you will see it immediately in point two of this article, I prefer to start from the business. I personally find that every business always starts from a dream and I think it is important to try in every way to make it happen. In fact, it is not said that when the communication strategy is being organized, the average real customer corresponds exactly to the ideal average customer.

Sometimes for tactical errors it can happen that we find ourselves in the hands of a business that is not the same one that was imagined at the beginning. You can choose to ride the horse that was given to us or try to look for our unicorn. Both choices are good, as long as they are conscious, otherwise you end up selling ice
to the Eskimos.

Once the type of business you want to pursue is defined, that is the style, the ideals, the goal, the soul, in short, of your business, you can begin to outline the person buyer, or the identikit of the average customer .

Knowing who your customer is, and therefore who we want to attract, is essential for building any type of communication around a business; we talk about demographic, financial, lifestyle, etc. All to understand how and where to reach our possible customer in the infinite digital world, but not only, we want to potentially convert it into an actual customer.

Basing a strategy with counter-eye on Twitter and then discovering that their audience does not use this platform, it would be a bit pointless if not counter-productive. Once the typical customer has been identified, you can start choosing the platforms through which to reach it .

Here too the choice is not arbitrary. There are better platforms for different types of messages, for different content formats and also for different activities.

A company that works in the B2B market and that targets an audience such as financial, IT, etc. will not find an easy life on a social network like Instagram or Snapchat, while on LinkedIn, Twitter, via Podcast or Newsletter, it will succeed more easily establishing a level of communication with his audience.

Once we have identified our recipient and chosen the means by which the message will be sent, we just have to think about the content . Guess what’? Oh yes, here too the choice is wide and must be made in a rational way.

Each platform has its own guidelines so it is not enough to copy and paste the same message far and wide in hyperspace. There is nothing worse than visiting a brand’s Instagram page and then discovering that the Facebook page is the exact photocopy. Sometimes the saying ” Less is more ” is true . If you don’t have time to follow two different platforms, focus on the most important one for your market.

Do you feel even more confused and disoriented? Quiet!
Soon more blog posts will arrive that will delve into each of these topics. If instead you want to start immediately to analyze your business to build an online communication strategy, discover our Digital Image Consultant service and contact us for a free analysis of your social channels.


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