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Together with catering, it is one of those sectors that knows no crisis. Long-lived business and stable market. It is clear that the crisis can reduce clothing consumption but people will always need to dress as well as feed themselves.

I will not then go into sterile speeches and immediately start talking about requirements, procedures and feasibility.

What it takes to open a clothing store
The niches, targets and styles in this sector are difficult to count, so you have to follow trends and identify the niche market to be satisfied in your area.

After that, you will need a wholesaler or manufacturer to supply you with goods for that particular niche. There are many suppliers and you will have to contact them to establish a business relationship where the discounts reserved to you, the methods of procurement, etc. are clear.

The pleasure of contact with customers, skill and prudence in order management, dynamism and passion for the sector are the qualities you must have and develop. Add to this the fact that working on one’s own is much harder than working as an employee and the stress load is certainly greater.

how to open a clothing store

Requirements and steps to open a clothing store
Identify a space of the square footage necessary to the type of your store, located in the city center in a zone of strong pedestrian traffic or in a shopping center.

Open VAT number;
Register with INPS and INAIL; Register in the business register at the Chamber of Commerce; Report the commencement of the activity to the municipality at least 30 days before the opening. For the administrative part it is important to rely on an accountant who will also follow you in the subsequent accounting period.

How much does it cost to open a clothing store
With an investment of between 15,000 and 20,000 euros, it is possible to start a small shop, but these figures are very susceptible to “increases”. If the room in which you intend to open the shop is very large, the costs of renting, setting up, furnishing and merchandise will grow proportionately.

If the room is in a central area the rent will be high.

It is plausible that local masonry and adaptation works are necessary.

If you thought of a shop with low-cost clothing items, the merchandise installation should not have a big impact, differently if you have the idea of ​​a boutique with branded and exclusive products.

The list could go on almost endlessly but the concept is clear.

A more plausible average cost to start a clothing store is around 50,000 euros.

Clothing franchise
Franchising has enabled many newcomers in the clothing industry to realize their dream. The advantage of the franchise is that it sells a package where all the above variables are already counted and budgeted so that the new operator does not incur in unforeseen, if not minimal, incidents. Here are some of the services that franchises make available to their affiliates:

feasibility study;
business plan;
pre and post opening assistance;
management training courses;
product discounts;
visibility and promotion;
in some cases also the goods on consignment, or pay only the sold.

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Open a clothing store with no money or financing
Unfortunately, without money you don’t go anywhere, but with a loan you can do great things. The most difficult thing is to get a loan from the banks, as they require a lot of guarantees in this period (but it’s worth trying).

We advise you to contact Invitalia and apply to obtain a non-repayable loan for the start-up of new activities, or inquire at the offices of your province or region to learn about any incentives for micro-entrepreneurship.


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