Successful Franchising: How to Choose the Best? Ideas for New and Innovative Business

The opening of a franchised store has many advantages : the brand offers an important initial support, makes available a good range of suppliers, provides a name that is often already known by people and has already managed to create some confidence and Finally, it already has marketing offices that think about how to advertise the business.

It is also true that, not wanting to forget the disadvantages that lie behind this choice, those who decide to rely on this possibility are actually more limited in their choices and often have to be obliged to settle for what comes from the decisions taken by the brand owner .

We addressed the issue several times in the section Ideas Impre nditoriali : reading it, you’ll find other guides that might definitely be interested.

Every day new franchises open onto the market offering affiliations to those who decide to go it alone. The trademarks historians, for their part, are often the object of desire on the part of entrepreneurs who aim to take the field.

In this article we will try to clarify everything: before starting a new project, it is good to find all the information and opinions to clarify your ideas. Below you will find four ideas, inspired by American successes, about the most profitable franchise activities in recent months.

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1 How to choose a successful franchise?
2 Best Emerging Franchises
3 Best Innovative and Successful Franchises reviewed by Affari Miei
4 Is it worth opening a franchise business?
5 Conclusions
How to choose a successful franchise?
To decide whether or not it is worth opening a franchise, you need to analyze all the pros and cons: any important choice, moreover, has more and more conflicting aspects to consider and is the final result, given by the algebraic sum of advantages and disadvantages, what we all aim for.

On the Italian territory there are from 900 to 1200 franchises: the choice is really wide, but if you are interested in the sector, you will soon realize that the possibilities, especially in certain areas, decrease very easily.

In fact, franchises are not willing to take anyone: they tend to impose stakes and requirements to become part of the family they have created. This is a choice, however, that serves to protect the painstakingly created brand.

What should you watch out for in order to get the affiliation to a successful franchise? Today we will try to answer to this complex question, indicating all the criteria on which to reflect during the choice of the commercial chain.

First of all, at the beginning, it is essential to quantify one’s finances and therefore to understand what exists in circulation for us. The money that you initially have depends on many factors, particularly the type of business.

Obviously, the investments required for a restaurant will be different from those needed for a hotel.

You cannot consider a franchise that requires a greater investment than what we can afford: it seems obvious, yet many do not think about it and often tend to borrow too much and end up broke.

Another factor that I believe is determined is that inherent to our abilities : we cannot escape , we must do what we know how to do and therefore it is useless to open an activity that we do not care about or in which we do not know how to move.

Finally, what will allow us to understand whether the franchise will be successful or not is to be found in a series of other factors such as: the maturity of the organization; reputation; geographical spread; marketing apparatus of the company to which we are affiliated and actual results of the products that are offered.

Many companies, for example, may be willing to let you open because they have more difficulty selling than their competitors.

Even if these latter factors are in order, then you will really have plenty of opportunities to rely on a successful franchise that is worth exactly as much as you are required for affiliation. Obviously the rest of the work you will have to do it yourself: the franchisors will supply you, however, a great initial push to not underestimate absolutely.


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