What Activities to Open with 10,000 Euros? Guide to the Most Profitable Possibilities

Are you thinking of opening your own business but your budget is limited? What business to open with 10,000 euros ? Although it is a figure more than decent, it is still low for making an investment decision as to start his own business .

However there are some activities suitable for those who have this figure: if you are curious to find out what they are, read on!

Social trading
This is a complex activity and undoubtedly involves some risks, however if you aim to earn more to have more money to invest in your business , you must also know how to dare (even if with due caution!).

Let’s start from the assumption that most of those who approach the world of classic trading say they find the mechanism really complex: it is necessary to study, to know where they are moving, and not everyone has that interest. Only in this way can you make a profit.

To overcome this problem, social trading platforms were born , which is the alternative I propose: in particular, I refer to the social trading platform as eToro .

Thanks to this platform, although you are not an expert and knowledgeable in the subject, you can invest without too many headaches, since you have access to the strategies of the best traders : the only thing you need to do is select the traders who present objectives more similar to yours, imitating the winning moves .

To select a reference trader you have to rely on two criteria:

Profits of the last two years – choose the popular investors who have made more money and have achieved revenues of up to 25% ;
Risk of operations – if you want to risk less you can opt for those who invest with less risk: the return will be lower, but also the risks are reduced.
This system allows you to join a win-win formula , where professional traders can achieve optimal results, and with them the investors who follow them.

I don’t advise you to invest all your 10,000 euros on this platform, but you could dedicate a part of them to medium-high risk activities (which are, as you will have understood by now, potentially more profitable ).

To try to follow the moves of the best investors you need:

Open an account on eToro ;
Choose the reference Popular Investor, selecting it according to your expectations;
Allocate the set budget to the winning strategy.
If you have no particular skills in the field but want to approach trading, and would like to reduce the chances of losing money, then social trading is a more than valid way to start.


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