Open an Activity with 1000 Euros: 4 Solutions to Make Your Savings Fruity

In this guide I want to talk to you about this: let’s see together what can be done with this sum. In reality it is good to know immediately that 1000 euros are not enough to create an empire, as you probably have already guessed.

However, it is possible to start small projects that can allow you to supplement your income or create a springboard for more ambitious businesses.

This is exactly what we will talk about, read on to find out the possible solutions. Let’s see!

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1 Buy at bargain prices and resell with Bidoo
2 Crowdfunding Immobiliare: make your savings pay for yourself with bricks
3 Paid Surveys: increase your savings!
4 Social Trading, inspired by the best
5 Conclusions
Buy at bargain prices and resell with Bidoo
As anticipated, 1000 euros are few to really think of becoming entrepreneurs, yet it is not so unthinkable to be able to raise money by starting a micro-enterprise. This is demonstrated by a story that struck me very much, that of Ryan Grant , an American boy who managed to earn a nice little money by buying the items on offer at the supermarket of the Walmart chain , and then selling them online on Amazon.

The mechanism he implemented is really intuitive and functional, which is why he was successful. In a nutshell, Ryan identifies the products sold off by the Walmart chain, and tries to understand if, on Amazon and other online stores , it is possible to sell them at higher prices.

Here too it is possible to use the same mechanism, and this is where my first suggestion comes in order to make money from 1000 euros or to exploit an increasingly popular platform: Bidoo . This is a penny online auction site where you can buy products at bargain prices.

What does “per cent” mean? This is a feature to consider, as the type of discount auction requires that the price decreases to 0, while the one at the hundredth starts at € 0.01 and goes up, until the highest offer wins.

Every day here you can find up for grabs a huge amount of products, technological but not only, which are characterized by a cheap price, which starts (as already said) with a penny! Each bet increases the price by one cent at a time.

Based on this principle, you can participate in auctions by registering on the official website and start accumulating free bets to grab products at bargain prices to be resold.

All you have to do is register for free by choosing your username and password, entering your email so you can enable your profile. Upon registration you will receive € 10 welcome bonus with which you are entitled to 1000 bets.


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